Building an Internet Cafe in a Weekend…

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Site of the Got Clicks Cafe in Williamstown

Friday was a pivotal day for me and I didn’t even realize it until today… a massage, a poodle and a farm store triggered a chain reaction I’m still spinning from today…

I went to Sylvia Yowe at Touch of Class in Barre for a massage.  She spread out some oils that I could choose from – I picked “Focus” and “Inspiration.”  My worries of looking for an office space melted and I said “It’ll come when it’s supposed to.  Let it go.”  And I did.

That early evening, I went walking with my 2 dogs and saw a black poodle crossing the road right in front of a big truck.  I yelled, he stopped and the poodle begrudgingly let me scoop her up.  I cased the neighborhood in search of the owner to no avail.  Finally, Dick at Behind the Scenes Cafe said he thought it belonged to the farm store next door.  Sure enough, Freda gratefully took Feliz

Feliz - Freda's dog and catalyst for the Got Clicks Cafe

back and we talked about my search for an office.  She said “I have an office.”  Right around the corner from where I’m living stood this brick building which looked waaayyy too big to house just my Got Clicks internet marketing business.  I told Freda I’d think about it.

Saturday morning, I typed in craigslist on my i-phone to look for office desks.  Right there at the top sat 8 tables and 28 chairs for $550.  I thought about my friend, Sandy at Brown and Jenkins Coffee for her internet cafe and then… well inspiration struck.

Why not an Internet Cafe in Williamstown?  Why not indeed.  So basically, in a weekend, I have coveted 8 tables, 28 chairs, 2 display cases, great coffee and brewers from Brown and Jenkins, and a VERY affordable office for Got Clicks.  Not bad for a weekend’s work.

This morning, I’m going to the Barre Business Group to ask Giselle of the Portable Pallette if she could paint the building for me.  I hope the great serendipity continues.  So this blog will be focused on building websites, building business online and building a great internet cafe in Williamstown.

So I would love to hear what you think makes a GREAT internet cafe – Checkers?  Chess?  Newspapers? Magazines? Children’s Playroom?  I’m all ears now.

I’ll keep ya posted!  🙂

Happy Clicking,



3 thoughts on “Building an Internet Cafe in a Weekend…

    Nitti said:
    June 9, 2010 at 4:59 pm

    CONGRATULATIONS!! If you need any chutneys let me know !

    Got Clicks? responded:
    June 9, 2010 at 5:19 pm

    Thanks, Nitti! I’ve gotta walk before I run – just coffee, juice and pastries for now. Stop in once I open so I can see what you have. Thanks so much for your kind words.

    Sylvia Yowe said:
    June 9, 2010 at 7:39 pm

    Wow, Sarah, a little Inspiration and Focus goes a long way for you. Congratulations!!!
    How about a big community board where patrons can leave cards/flyers as part of your decor?
    Would your cafe be a place for free lectures/presentations by local folks with something to offer the community?
    I’m very excited to have your energy and ideas in my little town!

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