What’s in a Logo? EVERYTHING

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Got Clicks Cafe
Here's the Got Clicks Cafe Logo with all the colors of the cafe contained

I haven’t slept a wink – I had wonderful meetings all day- telling Linda Ingold at the Vermont Women’s Business Center about my major coup of the cafe, then I went to see Dan Jones of the Barre Partnership, a great business group that I can’t wait to get involved with to help marketing the new Barre downtown that’s going to have a HUGE makeover.  Dan owns Maplecroft B&B (go see this website – absolutely GORGEOUS) and he loved the idea of gourmet coffee in the region – hey, maybe a new customer for Brown and Jenkins!

Before my galavanting around town, I sat down and created my Got Clicks Cafe logo using Serif (here’s a demo of how to use it if you wanna try creating your own:)

I love it because it has all the colors Giselle of Portable Pallette recommended for the cafe.  The 3-color blue palette will dress up the front of the building and the warm creams and caramels will fill the inside.  Yummy or what???  I can’t wait to get started!

Sometimes, a logo will just come right on the screen for me, easily, effortlessly.  Other times, it’s a struggle from start to finish.  Either the client doesn’t provide me much information (sometimes they don’t know…) or I haven’t listened carefully enough to their needs, or desires.

My friend, Deb Shelby of i-Ensemble gave me sage advice on logos: “if you can sew it on a shirt, it’s a good logo.”  Amen, sister.

So here are some quickie tips that apply to a great logo:

  • Can I tell in 5 seconds what your business is from your logo?
  • Is it easy to read from a distance?
  • Does it have a balance of colors?

Now, how about branding?

  • Your website, your stationary, business cards, rack cards all should match
  • You convey the same message throughout your advertising
  • It’s easy for people to remember what you do

Kate Powell’s work at Powell Design Studio I absolutely love and I refer lots of clients to her.  She just has a great style and seems to have a gift of understanding her clients’ needs.   She’s also very reasonably priced.

When Shopping for a Graphic Designer:

  • Find out upfront how they charge – some want 50% upfront, some charge by the hour and some charge by the job.  Put a cap on the hourly ones – those can get outta hand in a hurry…
  • Remember – many artists are NON-REFUNDABLE so your 50% deposit is gone.  Make sure you’re clear on the rules before you get in too deep.

Put a lot of thought and energy into your logo – it’s right up there with the importance of a kickin’ domain name.  It’s the calling card customers will remember about you.

Happy Clicking!



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