Just Slappin’ Up Paint (and each other…)

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We had some excitement in Williamstown this past weekend.  Basically, a misunderstanding led to words (and fists… and a hammer…) exchanged in front of the cafe.  I arrived Sunday morning to 2 police cruisers and 2 very unhappy men sitting on the front stoop.  All over paint… 

Now, I could go into the “he said, then he did this and” etc, but I’m just not going to.  I could feel guilty that I was 10 minutes late meeting the painter at the cafe and missed the altercation which I say I’m not going to (yet I do…)  I guess I had this “Andy Griffith/Mayberry” thing going on in my head and I’m hoping that common sense will prevail instead of the wooden “I Love Ace Hardware” sign sitting at the corner of my street and Rt. 14 in primitive protest of the local farm supply store.

I haven’t spoken to the painter since Sunday and I feel just awful about it.  I don’t really know what to say!

” I’m sorry you didn’t like the paint discussion and decided a hammer thrown would make it all better…”  That sounds trite, doesn’t it?

“I’m sorry I was 10 minutes late coming to let you in to get your tools on Sunday.”  Should’ve reset the oven clock so this sort of episode wouldn’t happen… Do I just walk by and ignore him?- will he hit me with a circular saw if I screw up his coffee when I open?

It makes me wonder when our society will get beyond “Might Makes Right” and instead opt for sitting down and hashing out our differences reasonably.  Of course, I’m guilty, too.  I haven’t spoken to him.  I haven’t tried to make it right (mainly because I have been swamped with website and marketing work)  and that’s where I’ve fallen down.  I’m simply doing “analysis paralysis” and not solving the problem.  Is it my place to solve it?  Or, do I just let the police handle things?

The good news?  My landlord is finishing up the painting, and it really looks great, doesn’t it?  I got the Got Clicks Cafe sign from Yipes Stripes and it’s exactly what I wanted.  Business is booming for Got Clicks websites and internet marketing and I still really love the people in Williamstown, (yes, even the painter!)  But I’m not very happy with myself right now.  I don’t like leaving things (and feelings) unsaid, undone, unfinished.  I like to know where I stand.  I like to make peace in the world.  And I’d really like a kick-butt baker to match my kick-butt coffee, but I haven’t found one – yet.

So instead of focusing on what’s wrong, I’m going to focus on what’s right and how I want this to resolve itself quickly and easily.  I see the painter working in the flower beds right across the street.  I’m gonna march right over there and – and… do something smart.  Shut my mouth and listen.  Hopefully heal hurt feelings.  Time to mend my fences.  Just let me finish this website first…


2 thoughts on “Just Slappin’ Up Paint (and each other…)

    Margaret said:
    July 1, 2010 at 3:58 pm

    I am looking forward to having coffee at the cafe.

    Keep up the good work!

      Got Clicks? responded:
      July 1, 2010 at 4:52 pm

      Thanks, Margaret! We’re getting there.

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