Long Tails and 3 Must- Haves To Top The Search Engines

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When I teach my seminars on internet marketing, the number one question I get is,  “I want you to take me to number one in the search engines.”  That can be achieved with patience, perseverance and a little perspiration.  Whenever I’ve gotten that question, I always ask these 3 questions:

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1)  What is it you want the potential client to do on your website?

2)  Where is your customer landing (ie the landing page) on your website to accomplish the task?

3)  How much are you willing to spend to achieve this goal?

Question 1: Most people answer question 1 with “buy something.”  Not good enough.  Get more specific – is it a product?  a service? What makes you different from everybody else?  HOW would a potential customer look for you?  Instead of “shoes” maybe a customer wants “red high heel pumps” in which case, that’s your long-tail keyword (more on that in the great video below.) Answer your customers needs and you win the keys to the kingdom.

Question 2: (what is your landing page?) most will answer “my home page” which is a big no-no.  You want to direct traffic to the page making it the easiest to purchase your product or service.  Don’t make your customer hunt – give them the keys and make it easy for them to drive.

Question 3: How much?  Most of my customers have never really sat down and ran the numbers.  If your item costs $5.00, maybe spending $10 on a click for an adword campaign is not the best return on investment for you.  Maybe you have little (or no money) for marketing – that’s when you spend a lot of your time blogging about your product, researching the product, sharing information on Facebook or Twitter about seminars or neat updates to your product.  Or maybe you spend so much time creating your product that you simply don’t have the time to do all the legwork involved in successfully marketing your product or service.

I just received this video from Big Commerce – (GREAT shopping cart, by the way) and I loved what Mitch had to say about long tails and simply great advice on marketing with adwords.  Take a look at it and I hope it’ll help you with your own campaign strategy.   If you can’t see the video below, click HERE.

If you want some help putting together a marketing campaign, give me a shout (info@gotclicks.biz) and I’ll be happy to give you a hand.

Happy Clicking!



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