I Have An Hours Dilemma

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Got Clicks Cafe,
A Full House - How do you do it?

So the Open House was everything I hoped it would be – a steady flow of family, friends and the curious Williamstownees looking to see what that uppity Burlington girl was doing here.

Now that I’m busy with website building and internet marketing, I’ve noticed the number of cafe people has dwindled.  At first, I was relieved – I have SO many websites going that I needed the space to breath.  Now, I’m wondering – hmmm… what would Williamstown really like?  So, those of you who know me well and my firm belief in “Ask and It Is Given,” I asked the Universe to help me with my dilemma.

About 1:00 pm this afternoon (my closing time) a nice family came in – a mom with 2 teenagers.  They went for the laptops and one had brought his own.  He wanted to know the school calendar because school is starting Aug 31st and he wanted some info online.  He quietly came to my counter and said “Y’know, if you could keep your cafe open like, to around 5pm, you’d catch all the afterschool kids.”  I thought about it and here was my concern:

A)  Do high school kids have money for coffee and pastries?  These kids seemed to think yes.

B)  Are my prices too high for kids to afford?  They looked at each other and grinned.  They thought prices were fine.

C)  Are the kids gonna rip my computers limb-for-limb?  “Not if I can help it,”  the burly teen said.

So… of course in my Percivale attitude, I’m thinking, WHY NOT??? Give the kids a nice haven for talking about the day, catching up on Facebook, maybe doing a little homework (yeah, right…) and purchasing coffee, juice and pastries to round out a day at the school.  It would get me connected into the community and force me to finish up website building at 3pm so that I can just chill for a bit.   Yeah, I’m liking it.

“Y’know, Sarah” this sage from the Universe continued, “Alot of kids need to do community service in town, so I would be happy to watch the counter while you work on websites. free of charge.  It would help me earn my community service.”

I’m starting to like this kid…

“That would be AWESOME!”  the wheels are now whirling in my head.

“Y’know” he continues, “I’ve already posted it on Facebook to see if my friends would be interested.  I could really get a lot of people over here to the cafe if you change the hours.”

BRILLIANT!!  An aspiring marketer after my own heart – using Facebook to help build my business.  Now how cool is that?

So, I asked him to survey his friends to test drive the idea – they pick the days most convenient for them to visit the cafe afterschool.  I can’t wait to see what he comes back with.  I’ll need to switch the radio – I don’t think these teens are gonna be chillin’ to Mozart and Chopin anytime soon.  Maybe I’ll have him post another survey… I love guerilla marketing! How about you?  What do you think would be the perfect hours for an internet cafe in rural Williamstown?

My Facebookin’ for Bucks course is set to go September 8th noon-1:00 pm so if you’ve wondered how to use Facebook to build your business, I’ve just given you a primo example above.  However, if you wanna know how to create your facebook page, how to get fans to your page (now known as “like” your page) check out this great webinar.

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2 thoughts on “I Have An Hours Dilemma

    Kate Powell said:
    August 16, 2010 at 8:28 pm

    It’s my thought that if you opened earlier you could catch caffeine-addicted commuters at the beginning of their trip to work? Although you would know much better than me how much commuter traffic out of Williamstown there is by the café in the morning hours… With a bit of catchy marketing, maybe you could change some DD/Starbucks routines. Love the idea of staying open later for the kiddos. BEST OF LUCK!

      Got Clicks? responded:
      August 17, 2010 at 12:54 am

      I did try earlier, but it seems the people who leave earlier than 7 use the gas station next door. Thanks for the tip, though!

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