First Day of School… Free Juice

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A few of you have stopped by the cafe to check out the digs, so I wanted to show my appreciation by offering a free juice tasting on your first day back at school.  I wanna order AWESOME juices,  coffees and sodas for you to enjoy  after school.  In order to pick the right “stuff”, I’m doing a free tasting.  Pick the ones you like and I’ll be sure to stock up on what you like.  So come down after your first day of school August 30th from 3-6 pm and chill for awhile…

Got Clicks Cafe, internet cafe

Community Service Stuff

I’m  working on a couple of AMAZING community events – “Scary Barre” is a MASSIVE Halloween Bash happening Oct 30th.  There will be kids games, haunted houses, a HUGE parade – not to mention the Monster Ball – which will have AWESOME music and prizes.  There is no better way to earn your Community Service points than to be part of this HUGE bash – I guarantee, it’ll be the biggest bash to hit  Central Vermont  – and I can’t do it alone.  I can’t WAIT to tell ya more!  C’mon down & I’ll fill you in.


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