Twitter Twicks to Help Save You Time

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I just came across this neat tool that will save me boatloads of time.  I’m just getting the hang of Twitter (I love Facebook, so it’s hard to tear me away in a new direction…) and Nick Marks wrote about a tool a couple of years ago called Tweet Later which has since been renamed to Social Oomph.  It’s touted to help streamline the thanking process that is so critical to Twitter success.  Here are the things I like the most about using Twitter for marketing:

  • I can target followers easily on Twitter.  For example, if I want to follow fellow marketers, I just look up a marketer, then see who they’re following and follow their list.  Very simple and very targeted.  Think about in your own industry, what makes sense for you to follow?  If you’re a plumber, you might want to follow Moen’s tweets to see what’s the latest and greatest, or you may have a trade group (Vermont Home Builders for example) that you can see who the followers are there and collaborate with other builders, contractors, etc.
  • I can map my Facebook entries into Twitter (that trick saves TONS of time)
  • I can map my Mailchimp newsletter to post automatically on Facebook and Twitter.

The trouble I was having was thanking all the people who started following me.  I don’t want to break social etiquette by not thanking someone for following me, however, I do not have bandwidth in my day to thank each follower.  So…  here’s my trick:

I went out to and I’m testing out the automation system.  It’s free and allows me to put a thank-you note together coupled with an invitation to attend one of my free webinars as a bonus for checking me out on Twitter.  Pretty slick, eh?  Welll… proof’s in the pudding.   Go ahead and follow Got Clicks on Twitter and see if it gives the thank you with a link to my webinar page.  (yeah, I’m a donkey livin’ on the edge…)  If it does, I have found a real time-saver.  If it doesn’t I’ll go back to the drawing board.

Social Oomph has some other capabilities that I haven’t even scratched the surface on yet.  I will keep you posted as I keep testing it out in the Got Clicks labs… (LOL)

Happy Clicking



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