Scary Barre Rocks the Auditorium This Saturday

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The Barre Partnership Presents Scary Barre
Casella and The Barre Partnership Present "Scary Barre" this Saturday

As a kid, I remember agonizing over my Halloween costume every year – it had to fit “just so” and I was driven into a mad rage at the threat of my mother putting a coat over my Cinderella ensemble.

Halloween has that anticipation of Christmas mixed with the capability of transforming into whomever (or whatever…) you wish to be.   I feel that way about Scary Barre – we’re transforming Barre into a playground for whoever wants to enjoy all the makings of Halloween.

I joined the Barre Partnership in August and Executive Director, Dan Jones, set about telling me the history of Halloween in the past.  “Oh, you won’t believe ‘Trick or Treat Street.’ Literally a thousand kids show up to trick or treat up and down Main Street for an hour.”

“For an hour?”  my marketing wheels were spinning…

“Yeah, about an hour.”

“Then what?”  I asked.

“Well, they go home.”

Dan saw my jaw drop to the table – talk about “Nightmare on Elm Street” – from a marketing standpoint, this was a travesty on Main Street.  You don’t drive that kind of traffic to an event, have the kids collect candy and everybody goes home!  So… our whole committee got busy finding solutions for keeping participants in Barre – shopping, dining and HAVING FUN!  This was one of the best committees I have ever worked with.  You gave an assignment to someone on that committee and  “Poof!”  It was done.

Mollie from CopyWorld has to be one of the best graphic artists I’ve seen in a long time – she created awesome posters.(check out her work here) Mike at the radio stations Frank and Froggy got us time on air I could only DREAM of in Burlington- Amber at Casella was a selling machine – setting up sponsorships to make the whole thing work.  Kay of The World and Mike from The Times Argus while at competing newspapers still managed to put ads together to promote the event.  The Times Argus even sent a reporter to cover the “scoop.”   Dan as Executive Director of The Barre Partnership is  just a delight – funny, kind and always keeping things flowing.  You can do anything with the right team around you.  With all of these ingredients, I’m giddy about Scary Barre.

I went to the Barre Auditorium to see Jeff and the crew.  Instead of “oh, we can’t do this” and “Scary Barre 2010 The Barre Partnershipyou’ll need to set those up yourself” I was greeted with “We’re happy to setup those chairs for you.”  “How many tables would you like?”  So kind, so accomodating and SO EXCITED about this event.  They even had the event listed on the marquis without even a whisper from me.  Nice, nice, nice.

So now, I’m formulating where the bounce houses will go for Kids Kave, how to setup for the No Strings Marionette puppet show at 10:30 – and psyching myself up for my first techno rave.  The music’s all picked out, the light show will be great and it’s just gonna be a blast to get out and dance!

I can’t wait to see the Spaulding High School band march down Main Street with all those little trick-or-treaters in the parade marching right behind them.

I wonder if any moms will be insisting Cinderella wear a coat over that costume?

Scary Barre – I can hardly wait!

For more info – check out the website


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