Does Social Media REALLY Work for Business?

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Got Clicks Webinar on Social Media I was flipping through Entrepreneur magazine today and found a study conducted by E-consultancy and Clash Media that really was encouraging to me and should be to you, too, if you’re smart and marketing your company online:

  • The number of companies who say that online lead generation budgets have gone up in the last year has increased from 59% last year to 65% this year.
  • Only a fifth (21%) of advertisers surveyed say they work with” specialist online lead generation companies” (I’d better get busy and find out who the other 79% are!)
  • Paid search consumes the largest portion of the online lead generation budget accounting for 28% of the spend compared to 22% last year (could it be the cost of clicks has been skyrocketing?  Hmmm…)

The stat I was particularly interested in was what’s going on with Social Media?  I’ve gotta say, nothing has increased my business (not to mention opening up a very nice revenue stream for Got Clicks) than Facebook.  The study asked “Have you added anything new to your online marketing mix in the last few months?”  The most recurring themes were experimentation with social media.  Experimentation is one thing, results are another…

When I teach “Facebookin’ for Bucks” many people came to the webinar not sure exactly how to use Facebook or Twitter to get the message across about their companies.  In one hour, I show the mechanics of how to create your page and get fans, but most attendees of the class wanted more.  They want to know how does it create traffic, how do they create a buzz with their product or service and the big one… how do I generate sales, Sarah?  Oh yeah, that sales thang…

Let me give you another story that blew my socks off.  Einstein Brothers Bagels created a Facebook page and started the “Bagel Bonanza.”  Basically, become a fan on Facebook and get a free bagel and cream cheese.  In one week, they grew from 4,700 fans to 300,000 – yes, in ONE WEEK.  They’re now up to over 600,000.  So, if you’re wondering if there’s more to Facebook than farm animal games and having your daily horoscope read, the answer is an emphatic YES!  If you’re wondering how to play along, here are some ideas:

  • Become a fan of pages where people are doing what you’d like to do (heck, become a fan of Got Clicks so you can get your feet wet.)
  • Think about offers that would be interesting to your clients
  • Learn how to implement your ideas by taking a course on Social Media

Social Media for Business:

I’m offering a 3-for the cost of 1 webinar starting January 20th.  This course combines:

  • Facebookin’ for Bucks – learning how to create a page, get fans and kick-off your online business presence
  • Twitter – tying Twitter and Facebook together to save you time
  • Linked-In – for people in the services industry and learning how to use this tool for entrepreneurial ventures.

The cost for all 3 courses is only $75.  If you’re more comfortable one-on-one, I offer a 1-hour introductory session for only $35.00 and most people come away with 5 times that in valuable information to grow your company.  I’ve limited this course to just 10 people, so sign up soon – I would love to have you be part of this and see how you can use these tools to really grow your business.

You can sign up for the the course HERE

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2 thoughts on “Does Social Media REALLY Work for Business?

    Pam Roy said:
    December 28, 2010 at 3:12 pm

    Hi, would love to learn more about this, but I cannot afford the $75 fee at this time. Is there a cost for a single one that I might be able to swing?

    Thanks, Pam

      Got Clicks? responded:
      December 29, 2010 at 8:56 am

      YES! We can do a go-to meeting one-on-one session 1 hour for $35 and I’ll be happy to discuss with you the basics of how to use Facebook to promote your business online. Does that work for your budget? 🙂

      Take care,

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