Is Facebook Safe? 4 Steps to Keep You Safe Online

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About a month ago, I was talking to a client about promoting her business online and she decided Facebook might be the way to go.  Now she has a very delicate situation – she works with young teenage girls 13-16 so obviously, she needed to be very careful what she posted.  I could understand her trepidation about the whole process – especially after the high school teacher who lost her job due to her posts on Facebook.  So- what do you post?  What’s appropriate?  What do you do if you get some nutcase bothering you on Facebook?  Take a look at some of these ideas to help promote your business and to keep the negativity at bay:

Remember Your Mother – I tell my clients to be EXTREMELY careful what they post on Facebook.  Great rule of thumb?  Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your mother to see. (wish my own kid took that one to heart…)  Remember, these comments stay up FOREVER unless someone deletes them.  For your kids?  Colleges are now looking at Facebook postings, tweets and other social posts, so it can be a double-edged sword.  Tell them to click the “privacy” lock if they just want to keep comments to their friends.  Even then, nothing is fool-proof.  Only post comments you would not be afraid to stand up for and defend.  Now, you can click the “privacy” lock as well, however, it defeats the purpose of using Facebook for business.  It’s your call…

Delete Delete Delete – I taught a class last week asking “what do I do with a nutcase?”  Well, I pointed out that you can attract a nut with a newspaper ad that has your phone number, a radio ad that tells your store hours – the nice thing about Facebook is you can delete them.  Worried about offending them?  No problem!  You can click “hide” if you simply don’t wish to see their posts.   

How do I Get “Fans” to My Page?  Ahhh.. yes, this is a little tricky, especially for those of you who don’t wish to build a big friends list on your personal account.  I “friend” alot of people because my focus is on building online businesses sensiblyand affordably, so I am eager to connect with lots of different people.  Then, I go ahead and suggest my page to these friends I’ve made on my personal Facebook page and it just grows from there.  If you’re not comfortable with that, ask friends who have large lists to suggest your page to their friends.  You can also do joint ventures with people who compliment what you already do; a cabinet maker can partner with an appliance store, a jewelry maker can join with a bridal gown shop.  Then, it’s a win-win for all involved. 

You Get What You Give:  After I thought I had exhausted all fear on the subject of posting on Facebook, I still had people pointing to the high school teacher story like an Aesop cautionary fable and I just closed my teaching with this:  You Get What You Give.  I have made so many wonderful connections using Facebook – gone to shows and concerts I wouldn’t have known about.  I’ve even had clients contact me through Facebook because of some funny post they read on my personal page and said it would be fun to work with Got Clicks.  So yes, for every story about someone who has been “wronged” by the system, there are a thousand other stories to say what a great networking tool Facebook can be for a business that’s short on cash and long on creativity. 

Yes, soon… VERY soon… my Facebookin’ for Bucks class will return.  Stay tuned for when that launches


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