Search Engine Magic from a GREAT Domain Name

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Fred Foskett courtesy of Vermont Intuitive Counseling
Fred Foskett, great-great grandfather to Ms. Marla Simpson of Vermont Intuitive Counseling
Marla Simpson, M.A. attended my “No Money Marketing” live seminar back at the end of February and after the seminar, we talked about her business.  She’s an Intuitionist, Visionary, & Empath, and comes from a long line of psychically gifted family members on both sides including ties to Fred Foskett (pictured left) deemed “The Man Who Won’t Burn” by the New York Times.  I loved her stories and immediately wanted to work with her.  She needed a website that clearly reflected her work and was originally going to use her name to start her business.  I’m so glad she didn’t…  
We did our homework in Google Keyword Tools to see how many searches had been generated on her keywords associated with “intuitive counseling.”  We decided to go with and got busy building her website.  I spoke with her last week and we did a search on “Vermont Intuitive Counseling” in Google and to my absolute shock, surprise and awe – she was ranked #4 on the first page – right underneath Nan O’Brien who is a nationally syndicated radio host and popular intuitive counselor in her own right.  So, why the shock, right?  I was gob-smacked because I hadn’t even launched her site yet!  That’s right… her website was in test mode.  For those of you struggling to show in the search engines, I feel your pain.  Marla had some serious magic in her domain name – I didn’t know if her great-great-grand-daddy was massaging the search engines or exactly how this phenomenon was occurring.  Before I called in the cast of Scooby Doo, I did my own investigation and uncovered some important gems:  1)  Got Clicks started a blog for Vermont Intuitive Counseling about a week before on WordPress which had a link to her website.  2)  Even though it had launched initially as a test website, I had filled in some of the metadescriptions prior to launch, so the search engines must’ve captured some of those in advance.  It was such a happy surprise that I decided to share it with you. Here’s a video of the results Marla and I saw:
 Vermont Intuitive Counseling has a Dream Interpretation Class starting May 3rd (my birthday!) and already has students enrolled for this fascinating teleclass.  If you’d like to talk about the magic in your own domain name, let’s talk!

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