Are you a Black-Hatted Marketer?

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Lately, I’ve been bombarded with clients wanting the Got Clicks Tweak – it’s great for people just dipping their toe into the internet marketing ocean – and needing a little help (or maybe a lifejacket) because they’re drowning with all the internet marketing noise that’s out there.  I do a web meeting where I share my screen with clients and we look at their website, their analytics, their social media and have a conversation about marketing strategies for their business.  The past coupla days, I’ve had some clients doing stuff that could get them into a lot of trouble down the road and they’re not even aware that it’s a problem.  Here’s what I mean:

A bed and breakfast asked me to help with their website – they said they weren’t showing up in the search under the keywords they had chosen.  When I took a gander at her list, I gasped out loud.  She had for her keywords ALL of her competitors names, websites, etc.  That’s kinda like saying the “F” word in church from an internet marketer’s point of view.  That’s  known as black-hatted marketing and should be avoided at all costs.  She wasn’t showing up because the rest of her website wasn’t RELEVANT to her keywords.  Thankfully, the search engines are getting savvy to this and use not only the keywords but base their ranking on Quality Score for your website to show up under the keywords you select.  So unless you’re peppering your copy with your competitor’s name throughout your website, you may be dead in the water if those are the only keywords you employ. 

So, what we did we do? Started adding keywords that DID make sense.  She has fireplaces in every room (now that’s a keyword I can sink my teeth into, can’t you?)  She had a jacuzzi tub, (can you say “honeymoon suite?”)  She had a 5 course dinner, tickets to a show and she was minutes from some major tourist attractions.  Once we changed her focus, concentrated on keywords her clients would be searching on, she painted a different picture for her business online.  We also added the keywords into her website so that she could get some search engine juice.  Add a coupla backlinks from wedding directories, a juicy, romantic Facebook contest and voila – a targeted marketing campaign is born.

So look at your own website – how are those keywords working for you?  Do you even have any?  Do you know if you can even add ’em in?  This article from Alex Cohen talks about the 43 Paid Search Signals You Need to Understand – this is really good stuff.  If it’s still over your head, maybe it’s time for your own Got Clicks Tweak.  I’ve got an opening for ya next week!

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