I’m Ready to Be Part of the 1% – Are You?

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I just posted an article on Facebook about how only 8 of the 400 richest Americans were willing to pay more in taxes.  At first, it irritated me a bit.  But then someone wiser than myself said “The way our government wastes our money, it shocks me more that anyone out there is willing to give them one dime more.”  She makes a valid point…

So, after wading through twitter feeds on “Occupy Wall Street” and “99%”, I decided to start my own movement.  I have decided to be part of the 1% who seem to be able to choose how they spend their tax money.  They have some pull in Washington – they answer to no one save their profit and loss statement.  And I wanna know how to do that.  Because if I learn how to do it, I’ll teach my friends how to do it and pretty soon 99% of us will be the “haves” and only 1% will be the “have-nots”.  I’d be glad to give a hand to the 1%, wouldn’t you?  So while I’m about $350,000 off the mark right now, I’m working my way up to being part of the 1%.  And y’know what?  I’ll teach other people how I did it so that 1% starts to grow.  Pretty soon, we’ll have enough pull that we won’t care if you’re a Democrat or a Republican – just as long as you have a good idea, you’ve thought it through and it’s looks out for the good of most people.  I have a few obstacles in my way, but this is how I’m gonna get around those:

Education:  Before I make my first $350,000, I’d better educate myself first.  Putting me in a classroom is akin to herding cats;  a college lecture hall is out for me.  If I can’t afford college (and haven’t the patience for it…) I’ll learn a different way. Does that mark me as “stupid” “ADD” “unmotivated”?  I don’t think so… If I wanna learn more about Search Engine Optimization or Social Marketing, I have my own personal library in my laptop that I can get the answer in a split-second to my burning question.  If I want to learn how an Affiliate marketer made $20,000 over a bologna sandwich, I can read his blog.  If I wanna learn how to get my horse into a stock trailer, there are a host of YouTube videos I can watch – we have so many resources at the click of a mouse, it’s astounding, isn’t it?  But there’s nothing like the touch and encouragement of a gifted teacher, is there?  I’ll gladly apprentice to learn from a master.

Get a Team:  My bank called the other day and said they were doing away with the unsecured line of credit.  I asked if I’d done something wrong and they said, “No, just local banks and credit unions can no longer offer these anymore.”  I had 3 weeks to come up with $5,000 to pay it off.  And I did it.  So instead of getting mad at the bank, holding up a sign outside their door (which boy, was I tempted…) I counted my blessings that I was able to come up with that kind of money in 3 weeks – just by dialing for dollars and on the merit of my reputation.  If I can generate that in 3 weeks, it won’t take me long to get to $350,000 now will it?   I found a banker who would have a business conversation with me and moved my money there.  I talked to some business people who liked what I taught and they lined up a whole slew of seminars for me to teach.  I’ve got an attorney who believes in my business and talks me up every chance he gets.  Because you can’t be part of the 1% without some good friends in all the right places.

Belief:  I fully believe I’ll make it to the $350,000 goal.  Why?  Because I love what I do – so I have nothing to lose.  I don’t stare out a cubicle window wishing I was somewhere else.  I don’t work with negative people.  I seek out those wiser than myself and learn from them.  I remember a story Napoleon Hill relayed about his time with Andrew Carnegie.  Mr. Carnegie wanted Napoleon to “pass him at the grandstand” and learn how to be successful in his own right. That’s what I wanna do.

So I’m tacking up – my horse is ready and I’ll see you in the grandstand.


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