Is it Christmas Yet?

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I had the legendary Ann Zuccardy over to the house the other day.  She suffered from a traumatic brain injury which has impaired her ability to write, blog and focus.  For a writer, that’s a terrifying obstacle to face.  She put on a brave face, but I could tell this was a new chapter for her and any time change is forced down our throats, we never really like it, we just begrudgingly accept it as the inevitable, don’t we?   She’s a real class act; accepting this new paradigm with a serenity that infused some much needed creative juices into my own business.  We were talking about writing, marketing and keeping all 8 cylinders firing in business and we got to the management of internet marketing – blogging, newsletters, and social media.  As is the case of the “cobbler has no shoes” scenario,  I have not written in my blog in a dog’s age, don’t even wanna tell you the last time I sent out a newsletter – all the things I beat my clients over the head with, I’m guilty of myself.

As business owners, we try to cut corners, budget and nail-bite when end-of-month comes and the mailbox looms large (and empty) – especially this time of the year for Got Clicks.  It happens every year, and every year I panic and every year come January I laugh at how I worried over nothing because business flows back in around mid-January.  Ann mentioned that I should be writing, updating, plotting – all the things I innately know how to do for others, but rarely do for myself.  Isn’t it great when sometimes someone comes along and gives you the gentle nudge you need to get going?

So when fishermen can’t go out to sea, they repair their nets.  So I spent some time tweaking, tuning and touching my site.  I found a bug on the site (actually, Ann found it for me) and thought of some new ways to market Got Clicks to a new audience.  If you have time to do this in between Christmas shopping (yes, I said the “C” word) – do yourself a favor and take the time to really evaluate your business, see where you are, where you want to be and how you’re gonna get there.  There’s nothing like a peer or a professional to objectively take a look at your business and give you ideas on how to tweak it to make it better.  I’d love to do that for your business – nothing like some fresh ideas to make a business idea spark.

I’m offering the Got Clicks Tweak for $20 off if you become a fan of Got Clicks on Facebook.  I’ll look at your website, your Google Analytics (if you don’t have Analytics, I’ll show you what it is and why it’s important.)  We’ll review your present marketing tactics and see what needs a tune-up and what needs to fall by the wayside.  Sound good?  Great!  You can sign up here for your own Tweak. 

While Ann has a hard time with concentration these days, can’t sit and write long newsletters, she sure can brainstorm with the best of ’em.  So Ann, thanks for the early Christmas present of  lighting a much needed fire under my seat and inspiring me to write.  Can’t wait until Ann’s writing again – if you want snippets of her brilliance, “friend” her on Facebook.  She’s a smart cookie, great writer and an excellent “kick-you-in-the-pants” friend when you need one.  Get better soon, Ann…


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