Using YouTube for Business – Show What You Know

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I was getting my floors redone on my old farmhouse by a carpenter friend who worked diligently to restore the 1801 fir farm boards into works of art.  I mentioned to him “Geez, Richard, you should put up a video on how to refinish your floors so others can see how you do it.”  He retorted “Well, that would put me outta business, Sarah.” No way, I thought.  You see, I had watched tons of videos on YouTube to research how to refinish the floors to their original 1800s glory and decided after watching, that it was better left to a professional.  I heard about Richard through word of mouth, however, if I had seen him at work, the care he put into the job and how genuinely hilarious he is, the video would’ve had me at hello.

Show What You Know and it can lead to

  • More sales in your business,
  • Showcase you as the expert in your field
  • Give you existing site a boost in the search engines.  Tom Antion – my favorite online marketer, just posted a great video on how to transcribe your YouTube videos to help boost your rankings in the search engines.  This is a perfect compliment to the Intro to YouTube video tutorial I have as a free course in the Got Clicks Online Tutorial library.  If you haven’t explored creating a video channel to “show what you know” it is a GREAT way to market your services online.  Take a look and let me know how this simple trick can give your business the boost you need.

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