Use the Right Bait – 5 SEO Tips

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I went fishing this weekend with a buddy and watched as the sun shone on the river into a pool that looked ripe for fish.  The mild temps and sunshine lulled me into thinking we’d catch at least one sucker – but as the day wore on and the 2 Longtrails were finished, I noticed they just weren’t biting.  It can be like that in search engines, too.  Sometimes, a website just jumps screaming onto page one, and sometimes, it takes time.  Hey, even when all the conditions seem right, it can still take an eternity to show up on the search.  So, how can you help it along?  While you can’t push the river, you can do some things to help get noticed online.

1)  Backlinks:  What can help you here is linking back to your website, either from a complimentary site, or a well-known link.  Facebook works very nicely for backlinking (soon, Google+ will help in this as well…)  If you create a business page on Facebook, put a link back to your website.  In time, this will help give your website legitimacy.

2)  Press Release:  You can announce your business’s new location, new website, anything that would be news-worthy and put your domain name into the story. There are plenty of free services you can use to put out a press release – check out the free tutorial on press releases offered through  I HIGHLY recommend you use a professional writer to write your story – AZ Communications does a great job with writing press releases and getting you noticed.

3)  Viral:  Ask others who do well on Facebook to mention your business’ website on their pages and link back to your site.  Same goes for Twitter, Google+, Pinterest too.  Think about a complimentary business – if you sell cabinets, find an appliance dealer to mention you.  Offer an incentive, perhaps a discount if the dealer mentions you to his customer base.

4)  Show What You Know:  YouTube videos can be snapped in an instant on an IPhone and uploaded to YouTube to show your expertise.  Make sure in the body of the description, you put a link back to your website.

5)  Page Title/Metadescription:  Does your page title have all the keywords your clients will be fishing for?  This is the worm on your hook – it’s gotta be juicy, relevant.  If I’m looking for the catch of the day, there’d better be “rainbow trout” “brook trout” the specific keywords that will trigger a response.  If you just say “Fish” you’ll be competing with the masses and have a very hard time showing up in the search.  Be specific – think like your customer would.  If I want trout, I wouldn’t be fishing in Aruba for him now, would I?

Be patient – every good fisherman knows it takes time to get the fish biting.  Use the right bait, look for the right pools to fish in and soon, those search engine bots will find you and edge you up to the top.

Happy fishing (and clicking…)


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