Backlinks – They’re What’s for Breakfast

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Ann Zuccardy, my social media buddy came over the other day to indulge in my famous “Vermonter” sandwich – apple, sharp cheddar, ham toasted to perfection on my table-top fryer.  We were talking about her new website and ways for her to get noticed.  Some of the best ways to get started in getting noticed are Facebook, Press Releases and Directories which I’ve been talking about for the past 5 years (you can learn more about them by taking the free tutorials on my site.) It’s getting tougher for new websites to get noticed – especially with the new algorithms Google introduced a couple of months ago.  One of the things Ann is great at, is using Facebook and Twitter to get fans back to her page.  She runs different contests giving away her delectable Vermont Shortbread for the 100th “like” and stuff like that.  The other thing that really helps are backlinks.

So what is this backlink stuff? 

Backlinks are links to your website from a relevant, non-spammy site.  One of the ways I do backlinking off my Got Clicks site is to show new websites I’ve created.  You can see links off my home page on the left side and also on my gallery page which offers a portfolio and a link to the client’s website.  I’ve discovered that this linking opportunity helps my clients in the search.  I also make sure to mention new websites on my Facebook page so that it helps them in the search and lets people know about the work I’m doing.  You’ve even experience backlinking from this blog back to Ann’s website and facebook page.  All of these are examples of backlinking – content based, quality relevant back-linking.

So what are some other ways you can do it?

1)  Directories – Things like Yelp, TripAdvisor (if you’re a restaurant or hotel) Service Magic if you’re in the repair business, even Yellow Pages are great places for your business to be.  These are relevant links back to your site and word of mouth from your customers is gold.

2)  Press Releases – The power of the press is amazing.  I just won the Vermont SBA Women in Business Champion award and Ann Zuccardy was responsible for getting the word out about it.  The linking from the press releases, stories and shows that Ann got me on were priceless and really helped bring in new business.  If you’re not good at tooting your own home (I’m a Vermonter, self-tooting is frowned upon), I highly recommend you set yourself up with a pro.

3)  Complimentary Sites – If you’re a kitchen cabinet dealer, link up with an appliance salesman.  If you sell massages, partner with a hair stylist and offer a 2 for one deal.  Bundling your services with another vendor gets you noticed.  Make sure you ask for a link off their website to enjoy that backlinking love.

4)  Buy a link?  If you’re buying a linking service, best bet is to avoid them.  If you’re buying an advertisement with a link off a site, depending upon the traffic that website gets, it may be a good move.  You can always check your Google Analytics to see if that strategy is paying off for you in giving you good clicks to your website.

You can never miss when you have links back to your website from relevant resources.  Remember, make it easy for people to find you, buy from you and service them after the sale and you can’t go wrong.


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