Afraid You’ll Tank Your Business? Read This…

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I just watched another business shuttered that I had built a website for a few months ago.  I remember asking her, “Do you have a customer base for this?”  “Oh yeah, lots of my friends are on board with it.”  Well, it’s great to have the support of your friends and family, but what about finding customers who need you?
Do you know why 90% of new businesses fail within the first 3 years? Because they didn’t do the most important step to starting a business online sensibly and affordably:
They didn’t research to see if their new business would have any customers.
Surprised?  Me too.  Just because you’re passionate about it doesn’t mean everybody else is.  Sure, it’s important to love what you do, but make sure people need what you do.
Ethically, I could no longer take people’s money to build websites for them that I knew had a high risk of failing.  So, I got busy working on a system that would help new and seasoned entrepreneurs  research an idea before ever spending a nickel on a website or marketing plan.  I put together “Niche not Noise” so that you can avoid that costly mistake.  You’ll learn:
  • The most strategic step in effective marketing that most businesses neglect
  • The 7-7-7 Principal – Learn how to turn your passion into profit.
  • Useful tools to research your business idea to see the number of potential customers searching for your particular product or service.
  • How your audience finds you.
  • How to create your USP (Unique Selling Point)
  • 8 Must-have tools to discover your special niche- and how to use those tools.

– BONUS:  Marketing Budget ROI Worksheet

The Marketing Budget ROI worksheet is really helpful.  I use it with new clients to figure out how much to spend for each new customer you bring in for your product or service.  You can find that in the back of the e-book.  This is all free – it’s a recording of a webinar I did on this topic a few months ago coupled with a 20-page excerpt from my book, “Niche not Noise.”  I just brought out the meat-and-potatoes so it’s a useful working document for you.  The upcoming book will be filled with interviews from clients and others who have successfully created and marketed a niche business.  I’m really excited about what I’ve learned so far and I wanted to get this in your hands as soon as I could so that more people can be enjoying their business instead of closing it down.

Are you ready?  I can’t wait for you to get started.  This is the most important step to business success.  Please set aside an hour to watch the video, review the e-book and take plenty of notes.  Believe me, one hour of your time is worth the investment; especially when you could save yourself from wasting thousands of dollars on a business that has no client base.

Don’t let me keep you – GO GET STARTED!

 Link to your copy of Niche Not Noise HERE


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