In-Depth Content – An Excuse for Verbal Diarrhea?

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Is your Evergreen Content quality or just noise?
Is your Evergreen Content quality or just noise?

Have you ever endured a department head meeting monopolized by that one person who speaks for 20 minutes without saying much of anything?  That’s my concern with the latest In-Depth Content craze.  It’s original intent was to be a warehouse for white papers.  However, seeing the Twitter #indepthcontent hashtag bandied about shows some marketers are mistaking crap for content.  “How to write #indepth content that Google Loves” boasts one early adopter.  What about what you love?  What your readers love?  Yes, if it takes 900, 2000, 60k or 100k worth of words to say it, by all means, do it -but don’t write for the sake of writing what Google loves, write with a clear purpose in mind.

  • Write with Purpose:  What idea are you trying to get across?   Do you have a different point of view that’s interesting?
  • Write in Service:  Are you writing to solve a problem or are you writing for Google? The key to great content is knowing who you’re writing to and why you’re writing in the first place.
  • Write for Engagement:  Does your topic encourage conversation?
  • Write Strategically – Who are you talking to?  Are you sharing your writing with those who care?  Are you writing to those who need to hear your message?

Honing in on who you’re talking to makes the writing flow.  Writing in service comes from the heart – there is no better content than articles written from a place of service.  Writing for engagement is the art of the storyteller.  If  you’re stumped on how to make your content engaging,  go to your local diner sometime and just listen.  You’ll spot ’em a mile away; they have the whole lunch counter enthralled with a story that’s just as juicy as today’s bacon and cheeseburger.  It’s a story worth repeating to your family at home, at the water cooler at work, only now LinkedIn is the watercooler, Facebook’s your family at home.  Knowing who will be interested in your story is the basis of smart, strategic marketing.  If you need help figuring out your messaging, I’d love to work with you.


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