Exporting Contacts from Linked In? Yes. Facebook? Google+? Not so much

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I had a friend of mine message me on Facebook asking how to consolidate all of her contacts from Facebook, LinkedIn and Google +.  I thought this would be relatively easy and started putting a Yahoo account together so I could import my contacts, then export to a spread sheet.  The answer?  You can’t do it anymore:

I was feeling a bit like Facebook and Google+ are the Hotel California, you can checkout anytime you like, but your contacts can never leave.  This is good news for folks who want to know their contact information is private, yet a pain in the neck for those of us who’d like to have our own personal friends and contacts in one place.  LinkedIn DOES make it very easy to upload your contacts – I’ve spelled it out here:

Bottom line?  Download your contacts while you can in LinkedIn and stay tuned on any work-arounds for Facebook and Google+.  If you have any ideas, I’m all ears – this is a really interesting turn of events concerning privacy and ownership of information you upload into these social media giants.


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