Facebook – Are You There? Should You Be?

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About a year ago, I spent so much time extolling the features of our products (Social Media Management, Search-Engine Friendly websites, ) showing my vast knowledge of Internet Marketing that I would miss the tell-tale signs of client burn-out:  eyes glazing over, arms crossed, leaning back in the chair and looking out the window wishing they were anywhere but in my office… What did I miss?  Showing my customers not only the WHY of social media (they already know it intuitively) but the HOW?

I saw this happen at a recent workshop I observed on Social Media.  It was excellent material and I was completely enthralled.  However, I heard questions from the audience that I didn’t feel were answered:

  • I don’t have TIME to manage Facebook – I really don’t want a second full-time job.
  • How do I know if anybody sees my posts on Facebook? (ie, ‘is this mic on?’)
  • How do I get people to “Like” my page?

Granted, you can’t always answer everyone’s needs in a one-hour workshop.  However, showing slides of statistics, graphs and quotes will do nothing but disengage your audience. Business owners already know they need to be on social media; they just don’t know the how yet.

Time Management:  Pick ONE that you love to post on – Facebook or Twitter and TIE them together.  That way, you post on one and it’ll show on the other.  Now, I realize there are pros out there who will squawk at this advice and you are absolutely right – in a perfect world, ALL the posts should be unique.  However, we live in the real world where time is money.  Tie them together – save yourself a headache.  The other nifty tool?  Hootsuite.  It posts to all of your networks. You can schedule your whole week out in advance.  Just make sure you check in daily to see if any new comments are in.

Getting Posts Noticed:  With all the algorithm changes, it IS very hard to get professional pages showing in newsfeeds.  I’ve found if I share my posts from my Got Clicks page onto my personal Facebook page, it helps with the number of people who see it.  If I have a seminar, I ask friends that I think would benefit to share it on their pages.  I shared fun photographs of my friends supporting one of my seminars (you’ll see the Selfie my good friend, Jerry took of him hanging one of my posters for my upcoming seminar in Middlebury and Williston).  If it’s fun, interesting and gets the point across, go ahead and post it!

Getting Likes to a Page:  Let’s say you don’t have a ton of friends on your personal page in Facebook, let alone your business page.  Find friends of yours who do have a regular following and ask them to recommend your page.  Another way is to have an offer – “Like” my page and get a gift certificate to ______”  Make it relevant to your business.  If it’s a gift card to Starbucks, so what?  But if it’s a discount to one of your products or services, it does 2 things:  allows people to check out your stuff and gets them buying with an upsell opportunity.

It’s Not All About YOU…  Don’t forget to LIKE other pages that compliment your business!  Not only should you “Like” them – COMMENT on their stories.  Chances are, they’ll comment back, or be more likely to share your content.  Don’t be spammy, be relevant.

Something in Common:  Find companies that compliment what you already do.  This is easily accomplished in Twitter.  Simply type in one of your keywords with a # in front:  #social media #paintedfurniture.  Do this and you’ll see which companies commented most recently.  Follow these pages, then look them up on Facebook to have a cross-promotion.

BUT… You could do ALL of this and STILL have no “Likes” to your business page.  Why?  Because you may have missed the most important lesson of entrepreneurship that no Facebook page, no blog – heck, no website could ever fix.  If you’d like to learn what that is, don’t miss “Got Clients” workshop.  The next session is listed HERE.


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