Dear VT Legislature: WTF?

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What would you do if you had an internet business for 10 years and received an email like this one telling you one of your revenue streams was going to dry up tomorrow?  Yeah, our shop got that letter yesterday:


I always tell my clients to avoid blogging about the Big 3 your mother warned you about discussing around the dinner table:

1)  Politics

2)  Religion

3)  Sex

However, when it adversely affects how I put food on the table, I go looking for answers.  I went out on Facebook and Cairn Cross of Fresh Tracks Capital had talked about this back in 2011.  I don’t really think the Vermont Legislature fully understands the impact of their decision.  We’re messing with flippin’ Amazon here – and the legislature’s decision could affect so many people.

I just released my book, “A Man to Honor You,” which I’m about to do a major campaign for on February 9th – in time for Valentine’s Day. Will my income eventually be affected by this decision?  How about other authors eeking out a living?  What about folks who started an Amazon store to sell coffee or widgets or???

I’m all for paying my fair share, and yes, I should’ve paid closer attention to all of this, but I didn’t – I was working to build my business.  It ain’t cheap to live here in Vermont, but it’s where I was raised, it’s where my roots run 5 generations deep.  Do I have to leave (as many others before me have…) to make a living?

I don’t want to just sit here typing to you and complaining; I really want to fix this.  Maybe there’s someone at the legislature I can explain how affiliate sales work so we can mend this gaping hole in the fence. If Amazon found Vermont too much of a pain to work with, where will that leave Google?  I make $ off each click on my tutorials I have on YouTube.  Will my Adsense profits be dinged here, too?  Short of that, I may be looking for work – sooner rather than later. (Anybody need an internet marketer?)