If You Do Not Understand My Silence…

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Sarah Spencer Got Clicks Silence
A Little Silence Goes a Long Way...

When I was a kid, I had a poster on my closet door with this lush, green forest and a gushing waterfall that had italicized white lettered prose of:

“If you do not understand my silence, you will not understand my words.”

This mantra has been kicking around in my head since Sunday. I produced an entire video library dedicated to showing how to build Serif WebPlus Websites on YouTube in a day.   Lots of work, no downtime equals a very weary (but extremely happy…) internet marketer…  It’ll save me hours of time answering questions from clients on how to do basic steps in WebPlus.  Instead of taking time to do a go-to meeting, set up their site, blah, blah, blah – I can shoot them a quick email to say “here’s how to do it.”  I’m trying to reduce the noise in my world – this is one step in the right direction.  How about you?

We’re all drinking from the proverbial fire hose when it comes to social media marketing –  ‘is Google+ effective?’  ‘How do you feel about Pinterest?’ ‘Are you wasting money on social media?’ (you are if you’re paying for it, silly…) and on and on and on… The bottom line?  If it feels good and it works, do it.  If you’re contributing to the noise, then as  Bob Newhart would say,  – STOP IT.

This morning in my email, I received my “Pause for Beauty” from Rod MacIver of Heron Dance.  He has this beautiful painting entitled “Gliding II” and the major takeaway for me was this :

Periods of not talking, of not letting new information in, of letting the mind settle, are at the center of a spiritual life.

This realization that life can be lived at different levels, including some that cannot be described in words, offers an entry into wonderful and mysterious perceptions. 

Ahh… a reprieve from the noise.  One of the few publications that come in my email that I actually look forward to receiving.  Do you enjoy the emails you receive?  Are your exchanges in social media meaningful, memorable, mindful or miserable?

I’m taking Rod’s advice to heart – time to walk along the river in blessed silence.